Your audio journey – Part 39 – Finalising a podcast

In this episode I’m going to look at getting your podcast from an edited multitrack session into a final file you can upload to your podcast host for distribution to the various podcast directories.

Back in part 13 ( I showed the basics of putting together a podcast. Today I’m looking at how to get a completed multitrack session, with the appropriate processing for host and guest(s) to be a finalised file suitable for whoever your podcast host is.

The process obviously starts with mixdown to get the single file, then matching the clip loudness to the accepted podcast standard of -16LUFS (Loudness Units against Full Scale). Then add your tags and artwork to the metadata section and save the file.

There is a huge demand for podcasts right now as people look for new ways to fill their days so make sure your brilliant podcast idea isn’t let down by not being produced to a standard that matches your idea.

If in doubt about editing and producing your own podcast give me a shout and I can help –