Your audio journey – Part 47 – Favourites

In part 47 I answer a question that came in from Part 46 and that’s about favourites.

The question was

Hi Mark, thanks so much for the batch processing tutorial. If possible could you please explain a bit more about favorites? Why would you use a favorite and how do you set them up?

So in this part I answer why you’d use one and how you set one up!

You start creating your favourite by selecting “Start recording favourite” from the favourites menu in Audition. From then every action that you do is recorded into that favourite. When you’ve finished click “Stop recording favourite” from the Favourites menu and you’ll be asked to give your new favourite a name.

You can then run that favourite from the favourites menu or you can assign it to a hot key. To do that open up keyboard shortcuts, find the favourite you just created and drag it to the key you want to use it on. Now you just press the key you added your favourite to and it will run.

You can also use this favourite with batch processing now. If you have multiple files all to be processed the same drag them into the batch process window, select the favourite you created and click run.