Are you looking to get into Podcasting? Do you have your idea in your head but less of an idea of how to get your thought into reality?

Leave your Podcast production to me! I can help and guide you to recording your podcast including:

  • Equipment you need
  • Choosing your recording space
  • Choosing your software
  • Recording your podcast

Supply me your audio files and I can produce a single episode of your Podcast or we can work together to have every episode produced.

From your supplied audio file(s) I will edit and produce your Podcast and generally make it sound great.

This includes:

  • Noise reduction
  • Speech levelling
  • Dynamics processing
  • Mixdown and mastering to industry loudness levels
  • Add your supplied metadata and artwork to the ID3 tag fields
  • FREE Podcast Promotion on Atom Radio

I can also record and produce for you you a Podcast Intro and Outro to add an extra touch and a call to action.

Podcast Production

I am an experienced audio producer who initially learned my art in the 1980s on work experience at Capital Radio using reel to reel tape, chalk and a cutting tool.  These days production is done on PC / Mac using a Digital Audio Workstation.  My DAW of choice is Adobe Audition.

Over the years I have produced imaging, trailers, commercials and podcasts for radio and other commercial organistations as well as hobby podcasters.

Contact me today to discuss your Podcast production needs – mark@markdenholm.com  I can produce a single episode, or multiple episodes of your podcasts.  Contact me today to discuss getting your podcast professionally produced at extremely affordable rates for multiple episodes.

Price per length15 minute episode30 minute episode60 minute episode
Single episodePOAPOAPOA
Multiple episdoesDiscounts availableDiscounts availableDiscounts available

Podcast Branding

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Gloves On Seconds Out Podcast Branding

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