A voice over can make or break an advertising campaign or a station imaging package or even a telephone message package.

Voiceover Showreel

The human voice is a powerful tool, all of us have unique voices. The power of the voice cannot be underestimated and the power of digital editing to naturally enhance the voice is amazing. Voiceover can be produced to a warm natural sound or a heavily imaged sound ready for any radio station package.

In order to create the perfect voiceover for advert just the right amount of processing to enhance but keep the voice natural is applied but in order to create the perfect voiceover for radio the voice can be enhanced and manipulated through a range of processing and effects to get you the sound and effect you want.

Radio advertising and imaging is all about using the power of voice to paint a mental picture. Remember the relationship with radio is different to the relationship with TV. Radio has a more intimate relationship to it’s listeners than TV does to it’s viewers so use the power of voice to create the mental image you strive for.