September 24th – Slough Jets Programme

Pre season is done and it’s serious stuff now as the league and cup games start for the 2011/12 season. Welcome back to the Hangar to the Jets fans and a warm welcome to the Phoenix supporters who’ve made their first journey down of the season.

I’m writing this ahead of our second home challenge, the game against the Wildcats on Wednesday but what about last Saturday? The win would have been nice but we were missing an import and one of our alternate captains for the game and came out on the wrong side of the 4-5 scoreline. From a hockey perspective given we were missing an import it’s obvious that we have so much more to give this season while the Bees gave their all.

I was impressed by the Bees team when they actually played hockey but for too much of the game there was a lot of cheapshotting which can result in injury and has no place in the game. Some of it got called and rightly so but some didn’t and that boiled over at the start of the third period with the Jets sending a message out that it’s not being tolerated against them this season.

What was a good game with a full strength Bracknell edging out an under strength Slough will without doubt see the post game THF focus being on the non hockey aspects. Speaking of THF what do you have to do to get someone a membership? Back in the summer I recommended three people for memberships and still nothing has been heard back on any of the recommendations. Maybe it’s my recommendation that’s a bad thing? Seriously though, it’s beyond me why automatic sign-ups have been disabled anyway but surely if you’re disabling automatic sign ups it might be good to process the manual sign-up requests?

One final thing from last Saturday was the Jets supporters. First game back after a long summer and a great atmosphere and a noisy Hangar for most of the night. Great starting point for the season, let’s carry on and make the Hangar buzz like a carnival on hockey nights.

Enjoy tonight’s match-up