December 4th – Slough Jets Programme

Evening all, welcome to December and welcome to the Hangar for tonight’s game against the Manchester Phoenix.

I have to say I’m a little disappointed from last weekend. Not with the results, as four points is always good to take away from a weekend but with the fact only 224 people attended the game. Take away the 4 people that travelled from Sheffield and that means that we only had 220. After the busiest Sunday game I recall seeing for ages at the Hangar the previous week it was sad to then return to our usual home playing day and then have probably the least busy game I think I’ve ever seen.

Times are still tough, the weather has certainly taken a turn to the chilly side but it’s a shame to see only 224 people at a game given those factors. From my viewpoint it’s partly scheduling as we’ve now finished playing Sheffield here but we haven’t even had Milton Keynes here yet and only had Bracknell here in pre-season but from comments I read on Twitter through the week it seems people decided to stay away as it was Sheffield and they didn’t feel the Steeldogs would put on a competitive challenge.

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, and in years gone by I’ve walked onto the stage to DJ a game and I’ve known we were going to win. On maybe 90% of those occasions I’ve been right but that still leaves 10% of occasions where the results haven’t been what I predicted. However this season we’ve seen Telford take a point from Manchester and just last weekend Telford sent Guildford away with just a point after an overtime win. Last weekend, Bracknell, who are currently bottom of the league played a couple of good games against MK and us.

These days there’s no real guarantee that just by turning up you’re going to earn an easy two points. Every game is worth watching and as I’ve said before there’s the social side of the game, having a catch up with friends, taking part in the 50/50, Chuck A Duck, Shirt Off His Back that you just can’t get a home. And then there’s a fantastic reason for not missing a game, Saturday night TV is absolutely rubbish these days!!

Tonight we take on Manchester Phoenix, led by Tony Hand. Manchester, along with ourselves and Guildford were much talked about pre-season for honours this year and so far they haven’t disappointed in their quest along the way. You can be guaranteed of an exciting battle tonight.

Next weekend we have two home games, and both of them set to be crackers. MK are here on Saturday and then on Sunday it’s Steve Moria and his Bison in town. We beat MK a couple of weeks back in their own rink and so far it’s 1-1 in the Jets vs Bison head to head with wins for both teams away from home so next weekend is going to be a real not to be missed hockey fest.

So, let’s get down to business tonight. Warm up the vocal chords, get ready to bang the drums and get ready to chant.

My team, your team, OUR TEAM