October 1st – Slough Jets Programme

Good evening and welcome to the Hangar to the Jets and Bees fans for tonight’s match up. If you remember back to when Romford played in the EPL it seemed we played them every other weekend and right now we’re seeing a lot of the Bees.

Hockey is quite a superstitious game if you listen to some players. I know some guys kit up the same way every day, some go through the exact same preparation routine with the same things in the same order at the same time, some will step on the ice with a certain foot first. Tonight (Tuesday) as I write this I’ve got a cold, in itself not spectacular but for as long as I can remember I have DJ’d the first game of the season when full of cold, this year I wasn’t on either the pre-season games or the first league game. Call it superstition if you like.

Fortunately I’m not superstitious, I know the results will come for the team soon enough and I know that having a 6 year old God child who goes to school is most probably where the cold has come from!

So tonight we’re playing Bracknell again for the second time in competitive action. The pre-season game at the Hangar had both sets of fans talking for a long time and was a great night’s entertainment. Last Sunday the Bees took points in a game that saw the Jets have three goals disallowed. It ended up a game of special teams with the Jets killing 9 of 13 (that really is 13) penalties and converting 1 of 4 (yes only 4) powerplays.

I’ve spoken to Doug and I know how keen he is to get that first win on the board not only obviously for the team but at home for the fans too.

Just one final thing. In the pre-season game against Swindon when the away team called their time-out late on in the game with their being only 125 people in the rink those 30 seconds were in near silence. I’ve had an email asking why I didn’t play any music in the time out and the reason is simple. The rules state that no music can be played while the teams are calling official time-outs which I guess makes sense.

Other than that one incident the home support this season so far has been great. It’s loud and proud in here and while there’s still room for many more fans I’m pleased with the great atmosphere that we’re generating right now.

Enjoy tonight’s game

My team, your team, OUR TEAM.