Saturday 13th October – Slough Jets Programme

Hi and welcome to the Hangar for local derby day as the Jets take on the Bracknell Bees. It’s been a little while since we saw the Bees in our pre-season challenge series and they’ve put in some good performances since.

This weekend is another single game weekend for the Jets, with just tonight’s game. I know the Tigers rink doesn’t open until next weekend so every team must miss out on an away game each week but this will be our fourth single game weekend and we were never going to Telford four times in the season!! It’s probable that this single game weekend lark played a part in last Sunday’s OT loss at Manchester and it’s not an ideal way to start the season at all. Fixture scheduling isn’t an easy task at all but this hasn’t been the finest vintage for scheduling I don’t think as it means every other team will have extra stamina training in them that our schedule hasn’t permitted as yet.

It’s early season still an the league table is of little relevance but already we’re seeing that the league is once again open. I put down my predictions with Rich before the season started of who will finish where but while we get from here to the end of the season the prospects are good if everyone is capable of beating everyone. Telford are as yet the only team in the league who don’t have a win but when you consider their predicament of having no home venue , no home games and training ice at another rink just once a week that’s understandable. There are big gaps in between what I predict the top and bottom of the league will be but as long as we are in a position like last year where every game is a competition you can’t ask more than that in a league.

Even though it’s early days the Jets are in a good position. Having fallen way behind on games played the Jets are in a position where, if we win those games in hand, we are in pole position so it’s a good start to the season. Terry will hopefully be back soon and that will relieve some of the injury pressure and let’s hope Dan Scott also makes a swift recovery so we can have our full team back out on the ice.

As I wrote last week we still have room to fit in more supporters at the Hangar. The building can hold 1000 people so we have room for quite a few more. Keep doing your bit and spreading the word, bringing friends, family and colleagues with you and we will put the Jets back on the local map. We have four trophies in five years, we are the most successful local club in terms of wins, and therefore it’s only fair that the Jets get to play in front of the volume of support that they deserve. Let’s keep working hard to bring in more newbies and convert them to fans!

Enjoy tonight’s match