November 6th – Slough Jets Programme

Good evening and welcome to the Hangar for a Sunday match up with the Wildcats following yesterday’s tilt at their place.

So before this weekend it was six wins in a row and a little gap opening up at the top of the table is all good news. Last weekend we welcomed back Sam Waller into the Jets team and after 10 games without a point at Bracknell he stepped up to the mark with two goals in his second Jets game as part of last Sunday’s 4-10 win at Peterborough. Welcome back Sam!!

We also said farewell to JC who then made his debut last weekend with the Manchester Phoenix as injury cover for them. It’s never nice saying goodbye to a player and JC is a nice guy who I’m sure will be missed around the Hangar so I’m sure you’ll all wish him the best for the future.

I’m writing this on Monday evening so the final edit of Jets TV’s coverage of the Telford game hasn’t been done yet but from the raw footage I’ve seen Block C have again covered themselves in glory and have definitely been our loudest block this season. There’s a spell where the camera pans around the crowd while “We’re Gonna Win” is playing and Block C went wild!! That’s what I like to see!

As Tom mentioned in his “Tommo’s Tales” a couple of weeks ago and as we requested on Facebook and Twitter at the start of the season we’re still looking for a person to join our game night team as a goal judge. We have Steve Brown on the team for which I’m grateful but we haven’t perfected a technique as yet for Steve to cover both goals simultaneously so by EIHA rules we do still need another goal judge. I’m sure if you ask Steve he’ll explain what’s needed but in summary what we’re looking for is someone who is willing to sit behind the goal recording the shots faced, goals scored and flashing the goal light when the puck entirely crosses the goal line. If you’re interested, want to find out more or want to snap up the opportunity then come round in one of the intervals tonight and have a chat or email me at

Finally, a few people I know have been trying to get THF memberships for some time now and after the problems of registration finally openly broken on the forum last week it seems as if Paul has finally decided to actually accept some new members. If you’re one of those who was looking for a new membership then email and see if you can grab yourself a membership before another “new member black hole” opens up and swallows registration requests for another year or so!

So it’s “kids for a quid” tonight, hopefully we’re going to have a lively atmosphere in the Hangar tonight for the game.

Enjoy the game.

My team, your team, OUR TEAM