Sunday 21st October 2012 – Slough Jets Programme

Welcome to our first Sunday home game of the season as we take on the Swindon Wildcats. Sundays are not usually kind to us in terms of attendance as it’s not our traditional home day and given that Monday is a school day so parents may decide to stay home and get the kids fed and off to bed early but let’s hope that tonight has bucked that trend.

The one good thing about this being a Sunday home game is that it means finally, after a lot of curious scheduling, we are playing potential four point weekends with games Saturdays and Sundays. It’s been a curious start to the season for us, when teams want to be getting into their stride and dusting off the summer lay-off we have had these “comfy” one game weekends and now we are potentially behind the other teams when it comes to 120 minute weekends and stamina. As is said in many sports there is no substitute for games, no amount of training or practice will get you in game shape the way actually playing will but finally we are underway and we’ll start catching up games on the teams that have played more than us.

Great to see Danny Milton in action last weekend, leading the Jets out and backstopping them to a win over the local rivals. Danny’s first league start must have been a nervous time for him, and secretly he was playing while he wasn’t feeling well as well, but it’s great that he has his first win under his belt now. Seems the supporters appreciated it to, I saw how many new followers he picked up on Twitter and how many congratulatory messages he got on Twitter and Facebook. It’s great for Danny and great for the Jets that we now know that we have a guy that can start if either Rocky is unavailable or wants a rest.

The other thing I liked last weekend was the determination in the game. It’s no secret I believe the Jets are a much better team than the Bees, both better players and better coached, but still each game needs to be won. The Bees came out hard and determined to take advantage of Rocky and Ladsi’s absence but the Jets stuck to their task and killed off the game. Congratulations to Frankie on his second home man of the match in a row too and going back to Danny he was unlucky to miss out as I know it was a close decision.

Tonight’s game comes on the back of the Jets visit to Sheffield last night. We saw when they came here that they are an altogether different team with no Bowns and no Ozolins so let’s hope that the Jets came home with two points last night even though Ice Sheffield is always a difficult place to go and get a result. If things went well we’ll be playing for a four point weekend tonight.

Let’s get behind the Jets tonight and make the home advantage count.

My team, your team, OUR TEAM.