March 23rd – Slough Jets Programme

Welcome to the Hangar for tonight’s game which really needs no introduction.

The Basingstoke Bison and the Slough Jets enjoy a fierce competition between our two teams and no disrespect to the other teams involved in the semi-final stages but I think this is the final that always should have been. This game will have skill, it will have physical play, it will have passion, it will have emotion and that’s pretty much what hockey should be about.

So it’s Wednesday night, it’s a school night and traditionally midweek games have lesser attendance than their weekend counterparts but I hope this one has bucked the trend. After the final buzzer sounds tonight someone will have their hands on the trophy and one set of fans will be happy!

Our semi-final game against the Flames was pretty much ours to win or throw away after the first leg with a massive four goal margin. Credit to the Flames who did fight back well on the second leg but in all honesty as we didn’t throw away our hard work from the first leg the Flames just couldn’t get themselves a final place booked.

The other semi-final on the other hand was completely different and ominously saw the Bison leave home with a one goal deficit and return home winners with their place in this final booked via an away win in Manchester.

The one goal lead we hold at the start of this game may prove crucial when the time comes but my guessing is that it will figure little in either team’s preparation. I’d say tonight will be approached as a winner takes all single game by both teams. The teams have met 7 times this season, 6 in the league tied at 3-3 and once in the first leg of the cup final which ended up in the Jets favour so there’s little to call between the head to head records of the two teams

I know that as I write this there has been a load of pre-booked tickets sold to Bison fans and to some neutrals as well. We know how loud the Bison fans are but I know how loud our fans can be too and tonight the team will need your loud and proud support. Think back to the weekend and the injury depleted team that took on the Phantoms and you’ll see how much tonight means to so many guys. Guys will be playing injured, nursing their way through knocks and niggles but for one team that effort and pain will be worthwhile. Jets fans, you can all play your part in helping lift the team and encouraging them through the game and hopefully over the winning line.

It’s possible these two teams may end up meeting again at Coventry should we both be successful in our quarter-finals or maybe tonight will be the last time the Jets and Bison line up in 2010/11. Whatever lies ahead you can say that the two teams have provided 7 thrilling games so far and I’m sure the 8th tonight will be just as thrilling

To finish I feel I need to clarify the Regaine situation brought up in the programme for the first leg. I feel that it’s just not for me for sure but I’m guessing it does work given what happened when Belly spilled a little bit on his cardy collection and it just keeps growing!!

Enjoy tonight’s game

My team, Your Team, OUR TEAM