December 11th & December 12th – Slough Jets Programme

Welcome to a double home weekend at the Hangar with games against the MK Lightning and the Basingstoke Bison. It ends a busy week for the Jets with a midweek challenge against the GB Under 20s as well.

Saturday we welcome MK to the Hangar for the first time this season. I’ve written about this before but it still confuses me that we’ve played out against Sheffield altogether and yet we still haven’t had MK or Bracknell (other than a challenge) here yet. Finally we get to see the Lightning at the Hangar and given the away win for the Jets a few weeks back I’m sure it’ll be a cracking game.

Sunday night we welcome Steve Moria’s Basingstoke Bison to town who we have played already this season home and away. It’s 1-1 in the season series right now with both teams winning on their opponent’s home ice and the Bison come in with good momentum having secured their position in the next round of the cup competition.

So scheduling … it seems it’s the same every year and this season has been no different. Formerly we played Romford week in and week out and with their leaving the EPL this season Sheffield have taken over and we’ve played all six games against them already this season. I’m not sure how this happens with such guarantee every year but I really believe it affects the crowds. The game a couple of weeks ago against Sheffield was watched by only 224 people. It’s obvious that, to the supporters, there are games they’d definitely watch, games they might watch and games they don’t mind missing. Backing up so many fixtures against one opposition into such a short spread of the season does little to make any of those might watch or don’t mind missing fixtures more desirable to watch!!

This weekend should be a great weekend of hockey with two challenging teams visiting the Hangar.
Both usually travel with good support and both are games that Jets fans usually want to see so I’m sure that we’ll have two decent night’s entertainment this weekend.

Finally, just to remind you, we’ve teamed up with Time 106.6 to be a part of their Christmas Cracker appeal. Sadly, we didn’t get involved until Monday which has made it more difficult for us to get the word around. The press release went up on our website and out on Time 106.6 on Monday and I’ve announced it on Wednesday as well so my final hope is that you’re reading this on Saturday and joining us again on Sunday and able to support the campaign.

Down to action, and enjoy the games

My team, your team, OUR TEAM