19th March 2011 – Slough Jets Programme

So here we are at the Hangar for the final home league game of 2010/11. I’ve said it already but where has the season gone this year?

Our opponents tonight are the Peterborough Phantoms and it’s fair to say games between our two teams never seem to pass off without some incident. I spoke with Phil Wing during the interval of the Phantoms last visit and we agreed this so let’s hope tonight bucks the trend. Given that it looks like we’ll be meeting in the home and away play-off weekend as well it would be nice to close out this season without anymore incidents!

Last weekend we had the REN District Scouts with us and also a school group as well from St Bernards school. I know that the Scout group in particular did displace some season ticket holders for the one night so thank-you for your understanding to those affected by the large group visit. It was great though to have the Hangar rocking for the night with the two large groups boosting the decibels through the game.

Ice Hockey, like many sports now has become more than just a sport – it’s an entertainment sport. It’s not just about the result, it’s about the whole entertainment package and about the gamenight experience. We play some pretty attractive and skillfull hockey, we have players capable of playing a tough physical game and we have skilful players in all departments, as I’ve written before we are the current play-off champions, we’re in the top three of this season’s league and we’re currently playing in a final series for the season’s first trophy so there’s no reason that we shouldn’t have full(er) houses for the games.

Last weekend we had a great atmosphere, helped by it being a local derby and the two groups joining us. We’re not going to get in excess of 300 people come down in groups every week but the good thing about last weekend was that any newbies in the crowd would have enjoyed not only the win but the massive positive atmosphere that we had. I’ve had people say to me how much like the olden day Hangar the atmosphere was and that’s really where we need to be heading!

Wednesday will be our final regular season home game of 2010/11 as we play the second leg of the Premier Cup Final. We going into that massive game with a goal advantage in our favour but in league competition this season both team has just won once in each other’s rink and in the cup final the one win so far has gone against home advantage. It’s a massive game and that’ll be the time to press home the home advantage and make it count. At the time of writing (Tuesday 15th) I know that quite a large number of Bison fans have booked their tickets already as well as some neutrals from both Guildford and Bracknell but I also know that when it comes down to it on the night the Jets fans will be more than capable of making themselves heard above the Bison fans in support of Pete and the boys quest to lift the cup.

Back to tonight and our game against the Phantoms which is not only for two league points but also for play-off momentum. It looks like we’ll be lining up against the Phantoms in two weeks time in the Play-offs and anything can happen in the post-season so it’s important to gain a good win tonight to help us prepare for Wednesday and to also help gain momentum for the Play-off push for Coventry.

Enjoy tonight’s game.

My team, your team, OUR TEAM