Sunday 3rd November – Slough Jets Programme Notes

Good evening and welcome back to the Hangar for another match up against the Swindon Wildcats. For some reason it seems we usually always draw Swindon at home on Sunday during the season!

It’s been a busy week for the Jets with a midweek trip to Wiltshire followed by a trip to the Skydome last night to the temporary home of the Lightning. That coming on the back of a single game weekend last weekend against the Bison.

What a game last weekend proved to be. The Bison seized on the opportunity of scoring five early goals and that made the comeback very tough indeed. Credit to the Jets who raced back into the game with a 4-1 middle period, completely overturning the first period momentum and bringing them back within a couple of goals. Ultimately the comeback fell short but it showed great character and spirit and showed the skill within the room to turn their backs on the first period and roar back into the game.

On a positive note it was good to see so many people at the game, creating and enjoying a positive atmosphere. It was also good to see the children enjoying the Halloween treasure hunt and the fancy dress and the spectator numbers were closer to the region we need to be in. Let’s hope that’s a positive step forward.

It will be a tough challenge tonight against Stevie Lyle and the Wildcats who are having their best start to the season for as long as I can remember. The overall standard of the league has taken another step up this season and it provides for better and more entertaining hockey every weekend but it’s also tougher tests week in week out for the players and that’s where we can all do our part and make it loud and proud for the team for the whole game.

Enjoy the game

My team, your team, OUR TEAM