January 9th – Slough Jets Programme

Welcome to the Hangar for tonight’s match up with the Swindon Wildcats. It’s been a little while since we’ve seen the Wildcats but after two competitive meetings it’s 2-0 in the series to us so hopefully we’ll gain a win this evening.

Last weekend was a funny old start to the year. The Christmas break this year got extended due to the weather the weekend before Christmas meaning that by the time we took to the ice against Peterborough it was the first competitive game since December 12th. That’s a long lay off and no matter how much training you do there is no substitute in any sport for actual play! Irrespective of that for the Jets to knuckle down and come back from 4-7 down to take the game into overtime and then blast past the opponents in penalty shots shows great character.

Onto Sunday and the trip to the Bees where we went down by a goal. I wasn’t at the game so I can’t comment definitively but it does seem a lot of Bees fans, and by accounts some Bees players were a bit surprised by the controversial goal. Indeed even the Bees official Twitter feed described the goal as a “slight controversial goal”. In the NHL, for that goal and the Jets goal that wasn’t awarded both could have been referred to the video replay judge and the correct conclusion drawn on each occasion but the EPL can’t stretch to such features so the on-ice officials make the best calls they can.

Last night we played away at the Bison (who will be our opponents here next Saturday) so let’s hope all the extended lay-off cobwebs have been blown away and we started the weekend positively. There’s a little point gap that’s opened up over the festive holiday period between us and the top three but there is long enough left in the season that positions can change. I’ve seen situations before where the league has been almost claimed at Christmas and that’s certainly not the case here so there’s lot to play for.

Last weekend we finally got to give away the limited edition Slough Jets shirt which we intended to give away the game before Christmas. It went to Mark Krull and his daughter who bought tickets last weekend after not even being 100% sure they were coming to the game. Congratulations to Mark and his daughter and thank-you to everyone who bought tickets for the draw.

Obviously with the weather cancellations before Christmas we have a home game against Bracknell to organise and a road trip to Manchester as well as the cup semi-finals. The home game against Bracknell is pretty easy given the geographical closeness but the road game to Manchester is a bit more difficult as it’s not a fixture than can be played midweek. Keep checking on the website as details will be announced as soon as these games are scheduled.

Just before I sign off I’d like to take the opportunity to wish Zamboni Pete a Happy Birthday. Pete celebrated his birthday on Wednesday but as we had no game on Wednesday we can help him celebrate tonight. Don’t forget to give him a rousing reception as he drives round tonight!!

Enjoy tonight’s game, be loud and proud and round up the troops for next weekend as we’ll need to be loud next Saturday!

My team, your team, OUR TEAM