Sunday 3rd April – Slough Jets Programme

Here it is, the final home game of the 2010/11 season at the Hangar. Win, lose or draw tonight this is the final time the Slough Jets will skate out on home ice this season but obviously we all hope they’ll be skating out next weekend at Coventry.

So what about that cup final? 918 people packed out the Hangar, the place rocked all night long and the Jets did too, coming out 4-2 winners on the night giving them a 3 goal aggregate win. I remember the final a couple of years ago against the Bees where they won and it’s bitter having to stand and announce all their presentations but this time it was the other way round and I got to announce our winning presentations, a fantastic feeling

Speaking of 918 people, where have they been all season? I know the Bison brought about 250-280 but that still leaves a massive home contingent at the game. If only every game could be like that week in week out!!

Final words on the cup game … congratulations to Pete and the boys on securing the first trophy this season. Great performance, fantastic atmosphere, superb result.

Tonight our opponents are the Peterborough Phantoms who we played a couple of weekend’s ago in a curious 8-6 win for us. Last weekend they denied the Phoenix the chance to win the league on Saturday and forced the title race down to the last games. Phil Wing is a man who’s put a lot into hockey in Peterborough and he’ll be wanting a place with the Phantoms in the final four line-up so it’s going to be a great weekend of hockey. We’re playing the second of the weekend’s games so I hope last night was successful in Peterborough for the Jets and tonight we can book our place in the final four line-up.

As it’s the last game of the season there are some thank-yous I’d like to fit in. Firstly to everyone who’s worked the games this season, Steve and Dan – the goal judges, Vic – the time keeper, Sharon the scorer and Jon in the penalty box . Without these people the games wouldn’t be able to run.

Thanks also to the photo and video crew. Lewis joined us midway through the season and has captured some fabulous pictures and also thanks to John who took over the editing of Jets TV mid season as well and I think you’ll agree he’s done a fantastic job. Thanks also to Jay-Cee Coaches who have sponsored Jets TV for it’s inaugural season.

This season we’ve had highs and lows. We’ve had wins and losses. We’ve had big crowds and smaller crowds, loud crowds and lesser loud crowds but the Supporters have stuck with us through the season and it would be nice to add a place at Coventry to the Cup.

Thanks to everyone who’s been a part of 2010/11.

My team, your team, OUR TEAM