January 15th & January 19th – Slough Jets Programme

Welcome to the Jets fans, and the Bison fans as we go head to head for the final time this regular season with the Basingstoke Bison at the Hangar. Basingstoke were our opponents just seven days ago in their own barn, and we have one more game at the Basingstoke arena so this is a big game for sure.

Last weekend we went into the games short strengthed and losing Doug Sheppard wasn’t good. The rule is such that there is no room for interpretation and frustratingly the call was made meaning we would lose Doug for not only the Bison game but also the following game too. Not quite bad enough yet though we then lost Jan who took a puck in the face and we were down to just Darius and our Brits. The guys put in a great performance but eventually 11 vs a full squad was always going to be a tough ask and the Bison made the most of their opportunities to take the game 7-3.

It would have been so easy though for the Jets to carry on into the following night’s game against Swindon feeling down but in fact it was anything but. The EPL guys were joined by a couple of ENL players a played out a clinical game against Swindon Wildcats. We also had a good sized crowd for a Sunday game as well and they weren’t disappointed in what they saw. Sometimes games end with a skewed scoreline which doesn’t really fairly reflect the action but I feel 6-2 on Sunday is a fair result reflective of the 60 minutes.

As you all know by now Blaz made his debut for Milton Keynes last weekend and his release from the Jets came after I’d written my notes. I’d just like to wish Blaz well with his new team (except of course against us).

This week Pete’s been rightly excited about our new signing, Adam Calder. When Pete called me to tell me he’d made a new signing my first question to him was “please tell me I’ll be able to pronounce his name”. Imagine then my happiness then when Pete told me who he’d signed. I’m glad he has an easy name to pronounce as I reckon it’s one I could be announcing a lot before the season is over.

Attracting a player like Adam to the Hangar is not only good for the Jets but for the league in general. There are some great players now plying their trade in the EPL which is not only good for the reputation of the league but also for the players starting their professional career and juniors working their way through development. Imagine as a youngster having players of that calibre to look up, or as a starting EPL guy to have talent like we have in our room, and to be fair, like the Bison have in their room, for players to play alongside and develop their game with.

So tonight it’s the Bison in town and we know not only from their own rink but from their previous visits to the Hangar how loud and passionate they are in their support but I know the Jets fans can be equally as loud and have proven themselves as passionate. It’s a local derby tonight so hopefully a big crowd and we can get right behind both teams respectively, generate a fantastic atmosphere.

This programme also covers our first competitive game of the season against the Bracknell Bees, rescheduled from before Christmas. It means we’ll face the Bees twice this month and from their recent results that’s certainly not going to be easy. They’ve put in some good performances and gained some big results so they’ll be tough opponents.

Be loud and be proud, rock the rink and hype the Hangar.

Enjoy the games

My team, your team, OUR TEAM