January 29th – Slough Jets Programme

Hey hockey fans, welcome to the Hangar for tonight’s match up with the Bracknell Bees. This is our third meeting against the Bees this month!

Okay, lots to catch up on given we had our midweek game against the Bees last week after I’d written for the programme. We didn’t get an official attendance for that game but given it was a midweek match the attendance was quite good. A great crowd got to see a comprehensive win and hopefully most people left happy.

Tonight we face the same Bees team who since their last visit have jumped into a play-off spot. Bear in mind that Sheffield have a game in hand and Telford have two games in hand that position could easily change again. As I said last week I think the top 5 are now playing for positions 1-5, Peterborough in 6th place have that pretty much sewn up and I think Swindon, Bracknell, Sheffield and Telford will compete for the remaining two positions. It’s a tough call to predict who the two to miss out will be.

Lewis, our new photographer, is settling in well now and getting some great shots but last week I was surprised to be able to clearly hear the camera shutter! That’s something I’ve never heard before and I’m pretty sure his camera is no louder than any other camera. Last weekend was tough as the competitiveness of the game only lasted for about 12 minutes but I couldn’t believe the silence at times.

I’ve been to cricket matches which are less intense than hockey matches yet you hear the crowd burble around the ground. You can hear the crowd roar on the bowler as he steams in to bowl, the crowd stand to applaude a wicket, or clap a player to or from the crease.

Who’s seen the NHL coverage? The rink is obviously mic’d up for on and off ice sound but you can clearly hear the roar around the Arenas. I’m sure you won’t be able to hear the Buffalo Sabres photographer snapping away during the game!

I know many sportsman across many sports have always said that the supporters are the extra man on the team and I know that the guys really appreciate the support. Last weekend was pretty quiet but let’s hope for a noisier run in. MK are close on our heels, we’ve got some tough games ahead and we can really rock the Hangar for these tough games coming up. I know the Jets fans were loud in Bison land earlier in the month and so many Flames fans have told me how loud our support was in Guildford last weekend.

Not only is the positive atmosphere important to the guys on the ice but it’s also important to the fans in the stand. Imagine a new fan, group of fans at a game and what’s important to them? Not only a good team on the ice and a good game but also a good atmosphere too.,

There’s lots of bits of music in the play breaks that are easy to clap, cheer or sing to. Let’s keep it loud while the play is in progress so the players know that we’re behind them.

Enjoy tonight’s game.

My team, your team, OUR TEAM