November 13th – Slough Jets Programme

Welcome back to the Hangar for tonight’s match up with the Telford Tigers. In my opinion they are a team worth more than their current four points and despite currently propping up the league table I’m certain they’ll take some scalps as the season continues.

There was just the one game for the Jets last weekend and that was the Saturday home game against the Sheffield Steeldogs. I gave my prediction of the score the day before the game and was pleased to have got that spot on, then I was equally pleased to have my guess of the attendance so far out as well. My guess was 94 too low so it’s nice that we had an extra 94 people in on what I’d guessed.

Speaking of attendances, it’s still a shame to see so many empty seats around the Hangar on game nights. The blocks on the far side to me (A, B, C, D, E) aren’t as bad but I can remember back a couple of seasons ago the block behind the bench (G) being rammed full and now there’s probably just a handful of people in there.

Last Sunday, with no Jets game and consequently no twitter/website to update, I made a trip to Bison Land to see Basingstoke play out a 4-3 OT win against MK. I know a good few Jets fans made the trip to Guildford to watch the Flames play Sheffield as well taking advantage of the Jets day off. In Basingstoke it was a good game and a well attended game. I know that Mo and his team do a good job off the ice in Basingstoke but thinking about it I can see no reason why we aren’t getting similar crowds? As I’ve said before, we’re the current play-off champions, we’ve won the play-offs two out of the last three years and we’re a top three team in the league and cup competition right now. We’ve played some big games against some of the big teams, we played that fantastic comeback game against Swindon just a couple of weeks ago and generally we’re playing some good and exciting hockey.

One thing Jets supporters have always created is a welcoming family atmosphere on game nights. We’re somewhere you can come as an individual, a work group, a college group, a cup/scout or brownie/guide group or as a family. There’s some great games coming up as well (even more so when you realise the TV alternative is that awful rubbish X-Factor) so please spread the word, at work, at school, college and among friends and let’s try to pack out the Hangar again on game nights.

Noise-wise the Hangar is a much noisier place now on game nights which is fantastic and every one of you has done a great job in raising the noise levels. Now all we need is a jam packed Hangar and all those of you current regular supporters encouraging the newbies that the guys on the ice deserve to have watching them into making just as much noise as you do.

On the stage tonight we’ll welcome back Helen Wyld who’s re-joining us on a “one night only” comeback. Helen used to be a regular on the stage on the clock and has kindly agreed to step back into gameday mode tonight with the gamesheet for tonight’s game while Sharon’s away in Australia. Welcome back Helen

Enjoy the game

My team, your team, OUR TEAM