February 5th – Slough Jets Programme

Welcome to the Hangar for tonight’s match up with the MK Lightning. Tonight is the first of two home meetings with the Lightning this month so let’s hope we can start the month on a positive and end it the same way.

Last weekend at home we played the Bees and saw 500+ fans at the Hangar. Unlike the previous week against the Tigers the Hangar was alive with cheering, clapping and dancing all through the game which was great to see and hear. It really helps all round to have a great positive atmosphere, the players on the ice enjoy being spurred on by the noise and atmosphere and the newbies in the stands are more likely to return if they’ve enjoyed the whole package on the night.

Tonight we welcome the MK Lightning and for the first time ever Blaz to the Hangar as an opposition player! We’ve played the Lightning twice so far this season and have won both games. Now they sit two points behind us in the table but hold three games in hand. That also makes this game almost a double pointer in retaining our table position. Given the closeness between the Bison, us and the Lightning in third, fourth and fifth place there’s a good chance that any of us could end up in any of those positions so it’s time to get straight back into action and get playing the way we know we can.

This will be a tough month for us with Manchester our home opponents next weekend ahead of the Cup Semi-final home leg against the Flames midweek. We’re then finishing the month with two consecutive Sunday home games, against the Wildcats and MK again.

As you’ll have seen on Facebook and the website we’re producing game flyers now for the upcoming games so any help that you can be in downloading, printing and displaying them will be a great help. I admit my bias in this but I think we have a pretty good evening’s entertainment going. There’s a good team on the ice playing some good hockey and we have plenty of chances to win with the 50/50, Chuck the Duck and shirt off his back as well. Added to that you can win yourself a night out with Nandos in Windsor if you have the signed programme. That’s pretty good value for a night out so with the run in starting now’s the time to be encouraging friends and colleagues to come and join us for a game!

Enjoy tonight’s game.

My team, your team, OUR TEAM