January 22nd – Slough Jets Programme

Welcome to the Hangar as we take on the Telford Tigers tonight. It’s been a busy week for the Jets with games against Basingstoke and Peterborough resulting in a win 1, lost 1 weekend and then the Bracknell game midweek which was played after I wrote this column.

Last Saturday we played against Basingstoke and had a good crowd of 537 in attendance. That’s pleasing to see but the target surely has to be getting an attendance around that figure every week with the local derby games being bigger than that. It’s not an unachievable target as I’m sure we all know someone who knows nothing about the Slough Jets so all we need to do is get them involved.

There’s so many ways that you can help out increasing the attendances. Word of mouth is a fantastic way to spread the news. There’s the Facebook events that we set up for each home game. I invite my friends to the games and it would then be a great help if you all could do the same. It doesn’t take long to do and again will help us in spreading the word.

So after the busy weekend and two local derbies in the week tonight we welcome back the Telford Tigers. Telford are currently one of the teams outside of the play-off positioning and fighting to get in. It’s tough for the Tigers at the moment as Bracknell, Sheffield and Swindon have all upped their game since the New Year turnaround and Bracknell have passed their bottom of the table position they’ve held most of the season on to our visitors tonight.

From looking at the table right now it seems there’s a huge jump between 6 and 7 and for my money I’d say there’s only positions 7 and 8 up for contesting. Telford can still secure themselves a play-off spot and you can be sure that’s what motivating them right now. Nobody sets out to miss the play-offs and as it stands right now there’s just 2 points between in and out so every game, while being crucial for every team, it’s super crucial for Swindon, Sheffield, Bracknell and Telford as for them it means their inclusion in the play-offs as opposed to who they’ll play.

So we’re ready for another game, let;s rock the Hangar again tonight.

My team, your team, OUR TEAM