October 29th – Slough Jets Programme

Welcome back to the Hangar for tonight’s EPIHL league and cup game against the Telford Tigers. We welcome Tom and the Tigers to the Hangar after the Jets made the long journey there and back last Sunday to secure an OT win. We therefore know that the talk around the Tigers isn’t false and that they are a team that needs to be worked hard against to get the result.

On Monday I sent an email around the member clubs and administrators of the EPL putting forward a suggestion which I feel would benefit all clubs concerned. Following every game each team has to fax or email their gamesheets, shots on goal lists and official team lists which goes to a fax to email service. This then automatically distributes copies of the faxes/emails to the relevant people in the EIHA, the statistician, discipline etc. My suggestion is easy to implement and is that each club gets to submit an email address for the distribution list in order to speed up the delay in receiving information back at home from long away trips.

Take for example last Sunday when the team bus, carrying the gamesheet arrived back at the rink just after 11pm. Until that time no concrete information is available for reports and stats however it seems expected to have the information processed and updated over half an hour before the bus arrives back with the team and our copy of the gamesheet! Hopefully if my suggestion is implemented this might in fact be possible after all but in the mean time I’m afraid it’s the patient waiting game following long trips for the information to arrive back with the team.

Last weekend we matched up against the Guildford Flames at home and the Flames supporters as always were a credit to their team. They kept themselves loud and vocal all through despite being behind for a lot of the game. At the same time our Blocks B and C did us proud, now just to get A, D, E, F and G to keep up! I’ll keep dreaming of a Hangar crowd like the crowds at the Wankhede stadium and Eden Gardens for the Indian home cricket matches, that would certainly be a rocking atmosphere here.
Enjoy tonight’s game

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