Your audio journey – Part 54 – Generate news pips

Today’s Audio Journey is just a short one and something fun!

Today we create the “pips” you hear leading up to the top of the hour on BBC Radio in the UK and on the World Service.

In commercial radio stations will play a news jingle leading up to the top of the hour and cutting to the news, whether locally read or taken from IRN or any other news service. On BBC Radio at some times they lead up to the top of the hour with the “pips”, the start of the final longer pip being the exact top of the hour.

Creating the “pips” isn’t hard.

First generate a tone at 1000hz. Then place the file into the multitrack and make the necessary cuts. The first five pips are short, 1/10th of a second each, and the last one is 1/2 a second.