Your audio journey – Part 14 – Producing a music imager

In today’s episode of the Audio Journey we learn production tips and techniques to make a music imager.

These are clips you’ll hear on radio stations that feature some of the songs you’re likely to hear. Usually they’ll have radio imaging in so you associate the radio station with the songs in the imager as well.

We learn how to match the beats so they BPM remains constant through the imager, we learn techniques for overcoming fiddly joins and we learn how to get the imaging to cut through the music as well.

People will tell you Adobe Audition isn’t a great DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for working with music in this way but this video proves it’s actually quite easy to do.

An alternative is to use other software to match to the desired BPM before you even import into Audition. It’s likely if you’re doing that that you would have to capture the audio at the BPM you’ve aligned to so it’s probably quicker to take the raw track into Audition and sync the BPM yourself.

Apologies but in this video the audio is mono. I had been tweaking the settings in my software and had forgotten to remove the mono check so the video is in mono.