September 18th – Slough Jets Programme

September 18th
Welcome back to the Hangar after the pre-season challenges for the start of the league and a visit from the Steeldogs, the new EPL team from Sheffield. It’s pleasing to see that Sheffield continue to be represented in the EPL and, of course except against us, I wish them the best of luck for the forthcoming season.

Last weekend we started our home season against Bracknell Bees. We started on the road with a 3-3 tie at Swindon on the same night Bracknell played out a 6-1 loss at Basingstoke. On the night you can only play the opposition you’re faced with and I thought we turned in a good performance for just the second run out. While Bracknell failed to put up a tough challenge on the night we were working on gelling, line combinations, and learning the season’s systems which resulted in a clinical 9-2 win.

I’m sure there will be much tougher challenges over the coming months than last weekend, especially as, starting from tonight, there’s points on offer for every game. As has been said last year, with all the changes of the summer of 2009, we started the season as a dark horse team but this year after the 2009/10 season and summer of 2010 we start the season as a favoured team and you can get bet every coach in the league will prep their team to play against us in that manner.

I’m writing this before Wednesday’s game so I can’t comment on that but last Saturday was pretty quiet at the game. Maybe it’s just because it was a one-side game but once we get into the tougher games I know how much your noisy support will mean to the team and how much it can lift them. Let’s start hear and work on making this the loudest rink on the circuit!

Enjoy the game tonight. The “friendlies” are done now and hockey season is now officially started.