Saturday 11th January – Slough Jets Programme

Good evening and welcome to the Hangar for tonight’s local derby match up with the Bracknell Bees. Local derbies don’t come much closer than just the 9.8 miles between the two rinks. The Bees this year are under the guidance of Precision Sports Marketing with Stuart and Katie having stepped aside and it’s been a learning curve so far. Thankfully for us that learning curve has seen Kamil Tvrdek available for us to sign as the Bees head into the run in with a 3 import configuration.

Last weekend we played the Telford Tigers at home and the talking point after the game wasn’t the game itself but a tweet and the attitude of some supporters. That’s a shame because whatever your thoughts on the Tigers player signing process, or the fact that their fans are enjoying the ability to “attract” players mid-season what we all need to remember is that hockey succeeds as a minority sport due to family spirit existing between the clubs and their fans and that’s something none of us can lose sight of.

Don’t forget Coventry tickets are available to book now! Jo Berry has once again stepped forward to take on the task of organising our Coventry presence and without wishing to pressure anyone into buying their tickets tonight please remember what happened last season. Coventry has a finite number of seats and last year due to us predicting to not sell out allocation we were moved to a smaller block which resulted in the Jets fans being split into different sections. That’s obviously something we don’t want to when the end of January comes and the figures so far need to be reported to confirm seating allocations we need to be in a position to be able to confirm that we are indeed worthy of our currently allocated block so everyone can sit together rather than opposite sides of the rink!

Enjoy tonight’s game Mark