Saturday 25th January – Slough Jets Programme

Good evening and welcome to the Hangar for tonight’s match up against the Manchester Phoenix. The league table as it stands shows the Phoenix firmly in the driving season, 3 games in hand and tied on points with the second team and 4 games in hand and a point ahead of the third team. It’s too close to call right now but Tony Hand is working his team into a great position.

Did you see the Phoenix TV interview last week after their game highlights? Tambo did a great interview with Craig, asked honest questions in a fair and respectful manner. It shows the different class of people, people like Tambo and many others are great representatives of the hockey community, others chose to just bicker and throw cheap insults where they feel they can! As long as people like Tambo are involved in the sport, giving generously back to a sport they’ve enjoyed then hockey is a community to be proud off. Every community has it’s tiny minority of bad apples, hockey is no different but thankfully the majority completely outweighs the minority.

The run in for the Jets isn’t easy. Manchester, Guildford, Milton Keynes, Basingstoke games still to come. That’s the top four plus there are still games against the higher middle table teams too! Standing in mid January there’s only 6 points separating the bottom 6 teams and that means it’s impossible to predict the outcome! The top 4 are locked in a battle of their own, the other 6 are locked in a fierce battle to secure their position in the post season with one good or bad weekend being able to make a massive difference to the table balance.

What that does mean is that every game coming up at the Hangar will be a thriller. We’ve got plenty to get involved with on game nights as you all know as well as the hockey itself plus the skating for just £1 after but you can do your bit to help by sharing your passion for the sport with friends and bringing friends them to games.

Enjoy tonight’s match up

My team, your team, OUR TEAM