Sunday 1st April 2012 – Slough Jets Programme

Welcome to the Hangar for tonight’s final regular season match up. We started with the challenge games back in September and tonight we play our penultimate home game of 2011/12.

This weekend for the Jets is all about final league position and play-off opponent. We could match up against Basingstoke or Milton Keynes in next weekend’s quarter finals so these two games are crucial games for us.

Talk of the week this week has been the IHJUK awards (and of course the cup final but that’s happening after the programme has gone to print). Congratulations to Darius on his selection and I’m surprised to see he didn’t get player of the season. Don’t get me wrong, Ozolins has been impressive for sure but Darius has had a great season and spent a while playing through injury.

Also, as I tweeted at the time the news came out I’m surprised to see no selection for Ryan Watt. He’s had a stand out year, played 1st, 2nd and 3rd lines, powerplay and penalty kill too. He has good numbers, he’ll play a physical game and he’s only young too and still developing his game. While e missed out this year I’m sure there’ll be similar awards in the future for Ryan.

Looking from a Jets’ point of view we have lots of players who must have been close for selection. To name just a few we’ve seen Aaron Connolly in his first full year at EPL and we’ve seen Zach Sullivan play EPL in a manner well beyond his years. If I was the Coach there’s little I’d want to change in the squad ahead of next season but inevitably there will be changes, there always are in hockey. With just two programmes left I’d like to say a big thanks to every player who has pulled on the Jets jersey this season for their 57 games so far this season.

Tonight we face the MK Lightning in the second of the games against them this weekend. There’s also a possibility we’ll face them next weekend too so like a cat marks it’s territory this weekend is about more than just the 4 points it offers and the league positioning and play-off opponents.

Our next home game (and last home game of the season) will be next weekend but as yet we don’t know who against or on what day. It’s a big ask but please spread the word at work, school, college or on Facebook and Twitter so we can have as many people as possible here with us next weekend cheering on the Jets as they look to get to Coventry.

Enjoy tonight’s match up

My team, your team, OUR TEAM