November 19th – Slough Jets Programme

Welcome to the Hangar for tonight’s match up with the Basingstoke Bison, the last of this year’s EPL teams to make their first visit to the Hangar.

Great to see the Jets bounce back into form last Saturday with a whopping 6-2 win. I say this with no offence at all to the Phantoms team but I don’t think they will be the toughest opposition faced this season but all the same the Jets came out and sealed the win with a good game at both ends of the ice. The 2 or less conceded rule was stuck to well and the forwards did the rest with 6 going past Stephen Wall. As I said not the toughest challenge of the season but a great way to bounce back following the end of the winning run and a clinical win achieved.

Tonight’s opponents, the Bison, have had a tough start to the season and aren’t in the table area I expected them to be in. Mo moved quickly to bring back Viktor Kubenko who was a key figure for the Bison last season and he’s settled back in to their line-up now. They enjoyed a penalty shot win in front of 1200+ fans last Saturday against the Guildford fans so they know they can win and tonight will be out to avenge the defeat suffered already this season at their place when the Jets travelled.

Coming up to 1/3 of the way through the league I can honestly say the table doesn’t look like I thought it would by this time. The first few weeks are hectic, one weekend can make such a change to the table at the early stages but even with between 14 and 17 games played the table still isn’t quite what I expected. I honestly didn’t think Sheffield would be 2nd, I didn’t think Basingstoke would be 7th. It has proved to be a much tougher league than last season which is great for supporters of all the teams and there’s still between 40 and 37 games left for all the teams so let’s of scope for change in those table positions.

So let’s get down to the local derby action.

My team, your team, OUR TEAM