March 5th – Slough Jets Programme

Welcome to the Hangar for tonight’s match up with the Guildford Flames. It’s our second match up with the Flames this week following Wednesday’s Cup Semi-Final (which happens after I wrote these notes). We will have started Wednesday night with the four goal advantage we held from the first leg and hopefully we’ll have booked a place in the final against the Bison but against the Flames that place in the final won’t be guaranteed until the final hooter sounded.

I looked at the fixture schedule the other day and realised that we really are running out of season already. Somehow the season has flown by and here we are with three (including tonight) regular season games left at home and one for the play-offs. Hopefully there’ll be one more as well for the Premier Cup but as I write this there are only four guaranteed and an absolute maximum of five home games left this season.

February was a great month for the Jets with wins over everybody and just one dropped game. We started the month with great promise and ended it proving to our opposition that we are serious contenders. We beat MK three times to keep them beneath us in the table and we beat the Bison in an important match as well to ensure third spot for ourselves for the time being.

Last weekend the table was slightly different with MK able to overtake us on games in hand and the Bison ahead of us. Now we are in a position where we our back controlling our own destiny for that third spot, games in hand for either the Bison or MK can’t help them leapfrog us. We’re also just three points off tonight’s opponents as well with this our last regular season meeting.

Looking back to last weekend we played another Sunday fixture and against the Lightning this time. I expected a decent turn out given it was MK we played against and the Jets supporters didn’t let us down. I was, as has been noted on THF, very surprised at the lack of travelling MK support as they are usually a team that travel well. I’m sure tonight will be a different story though as we play Guildford and they are a very well supported team. I expect a loud one tonight for sure!

Tonight we’re against the Guildford Flames which means it’s local derby night. The Flames are always quality, tough opposition, games between the two teams rarely dissappoint in terms of excitement and quality of the hockey.

Enjoy tonight’s game

My team, your team, OUR TEAM