October 23rd – Slough Jets Programme

Welcome to the Hangar to tonight’s game against the Peterborough Phantoms. Welcome to our visitors and their supporters and welcome back to our regulars.

Last weekend we played our first Sunday home game of the season and it was watched by 337 people. Sundays have never be kind to us as far as attendance goes but with it being a local derby it’s a shame that only 337 people watched it. Attendance started at 404 this season for our challenge against Bracknell which excluding Guildford’s visit has been our highest of the season so far and our average is 353.

We’re the current Play-off Champions and we’ve won at Coventry twice in the last three years, we’ve got some exciting talent to watch on the ice on a weekly basis and yet we’re averaging 353 weekly? Seems strange to me. After last weekend’s game I got to thinking and it seems that so many familiar faces are missing this season. People that have watched Ice hockey at Slough for a long time, been through the thick and thin and the highs and lows. People must still be in touch with these people and it would be nice to know why they’ve drifted away from the game and the team.

Over the last three weeks we’ve played our three biggest rivals this season at the Hangar with Guildford, Manchester and Basingstoke all visiting. The first two certainly are talked about as favourites for success this season and the third has been included in some of those conversations. Meanwhile we’ve still collected points through this tough competition with wins at Sheffield, Telford and a Penalty Shot winner last Saturday at the Basingstoke Arena.

Every week on Facebook we set up the game for the week ahead. I invite my on-line friends to the game every week and if you could all take the time to invite your on-line friends weekly that would be a great help. In addition to the hockey there’s the 50/50, Shirt Off His Back, Chuck The Duck and the Noisiest Block competition to add a bit of fun to the evening and there’s a chance to meet a player of two after the game to get your programmes signed. If you’re coming for a birthday or other special occasion you can always ask for a shout in one of the intervals either on the day or just drop me an email in advance to mdenholm@sloughjets.co.uk

Taking of the noisiest block competition last Sunday was a close decision between our Block B and the Bison Block I. In most rinks the away fans all congregate together which makes it easier for them to make a concentrated noise. I have no doubt if it was the noisiest team’s supporters last weekend then we’d have won but every week there’s more noise, more clapping, more cheering and more dancing so it’s pleasing to see an upward turn.

If you read Blaz or Pete’s articles regularly you’ll know how much that loud support can help edge the team on so let’s keep it up tonight against the Phantoms.

So far this year we’ve travelled to Peterborough and got one of the most curious results of the season. In a league where overtime and penalties (rightly or wrongly) bring a result from each and every single game our game at Peterborough was awarded as a draw after 40 minutes. On an aside I would just like to say that the Manager at Peterborough really is a lovely lady, and was only in her first week there as well when we travelled there. The long running ice quality issues we’ve had a the Peterborough Arena can hardly be blamed on her.

So it’s game time again, let’s be loud and let’s be proud!!

My team, your team, OUR TEAM