January 14th – Slough Jets Programme

Welcome to the Hangar for tonight’s home game against the Telford Tigers. Tonight we’re running another KIDS FOR A QUID night so I hope it’s had the same success as our New Year’s Day promotion and we’ve got good support in for tonight’s game.

Last weekend is one with little to take forward from other than lessons to be learned. It’s disappointing at this time of the season to have a zero point weekend but I guess understandable given the change in the team. The enforced departure of Tom Carlon meant a change to the second line which had been a very effective line and also a change to the third line with Ryan moving up to fill Tom’s space. As the team was the second and third line were both gelled and effective but it will take a little while for the second line to re-gell now.

Over the holiday period Guildford and MK opened up a bit of a gap between us and them in the league standing. There is an upcoming clash between Milton Keynes and Guildford which is reportedly being touted as a potential title decided but there’s still lots of action left. We have games left to play vs Guildford and vs MK and all those games will carry double point swings so while there might be a margin opening at the top of the table it’s a little early to say it’s all decided.

2012 has started with two good turn outs for the Slough Jets and hopefully that will continue as the season winds it way to an exciting close. Next weekend we have the Bracknell Bees in town for a local derby match up. We’re also the only local game taking place as well with Guildford in Manchester and Basingstoke in Swindon. We also have a double home game weekend to look forward to at the start of February when we face Guildford Flames on Saturday 4th and Basingstoke Bison on Sunday 5th so there is definitely some exciting hockey ahead.

So Goon, the film that has so far it seems divided reviews. I’ve said that I’ll wait until I get the opinion of some hockey people I trust before going to see it. I’ve read on Twitter some poor reviews, saying it was stereotypically rubbish, I’ve read a couple saying it was good. I’d like to get more opinions before I watch it. I’m a terrible cinema goer and usually fall asleep in the middle of the film so I only bother watching what I think will be the good films to save that actually happening. And since being diagnosed diabetic it’s not like I can enjoy the extortionately priced pick’n’mix or ice cream either so please tell me what you think of the film and maybe this week I’ll go and check it out.

Enjoy tonight’s match up

My team, your team, OUR TEAM