Saturday 5th October – Slough Jets Programme Notes

Good evening and welcome to tonight’s match. Let’s put September behind us and look forward to a more successful October.

I appreciate it’s frustrating for you guys in the stands to see goals conceded and points dropped. Things have been tough this season in terms of the opponents for the first few weekends and then in terms of absences and injuries for the weekend when we thought they opponents may be slightly easier. Make no mistake, there are no easy opponents. The days of the top half being good and the bottom half being rubbish are long gone now. Last year the gap in points between top and bottom was huge in the end but crucially the games weren’t blow outs.

Last weekend after the Jets dropped behind there was a notable change in the atmosphere and noise levels. I can understand that it’s disappointing being behind but at any sporting event it’s a known effect that the atmosphere and the noise levels can lift the players. Rest assured the guys on the ice are giving their all to get the job done and anything that the fan in the stands can do to help just adds that extra 1% to the players on top of the 100% effort they are already putting in.

A warm welcome to the Bees and their supporters but let’s get right behind the Jets tonight and drown out the drone to make home advantage count.

My team your team, OUR TEAM