Your radio commercial is your audio billboard! It’s your chance to get your message across in not just a clear and concise manner but also in an attention grabbing manner.

Choosing the right platform to advertise your business is only the first step to getting your message out. RAJAR data indicates not only the likely audience who’ll hear your message but also the target demographic of your likely market place. Once you’ve decided your radio station and negotiated your air time contract the next step is your commercial. Scripting your message is the first thing to do then you need to have your commercial professionally voiced and produced.

Radio stations offer this voicing and production service but at a cost and, in most cases, a further cost if you chose to use the commercial you paid to have voiced and produced on any other media. All of a sudden the costs mount up!

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Party Solutions Rental Services November 2022 Update

I can help. I can not only professionally voice and produce your commercial to broadcast standard, but I can even help with the scripting of your commercial too. With years of marketing experience within the leisure and ice hockey industries, having written successful scripts for radio commercials within both sectors, I can help you put your message into the most effective use of your negotiated commercial length.

You may already have a script, or you may want help creating your perfect script to maximise your exposure. Once your script is agreed, I can professionally voice your commercial and produce it blending your commercial with suitable music if needed. Voice effects and sound effects, if required, are also included.

A raw voiceover laid on top of some music may sound simple, and it is.  Sadly in some cases that’s just what you’ll get, but I’ll turn my attention to detail to your production to ensure your commercial stands out and to give you the best chance of getting the return you want to see from your airtime agreement.

Commercials created and produced by me will not only be to broadcast standard but will be yours to use on any radio station or media that you chose. Once you’ve bought your commercial from me there’s no further buyout fee to use it on a second, third, fourth or even fifth medium.

Use this contact tab and let’s talk about your commercial today or click here and get the ball rolling.