Audio Production

I am an experienced, self-taught, audio producer who’s learned my craft over the last 20+ years.

I originally learned to produce audio during my work experience at Capital Radio. In those days audio production was done on reel-to-reel tapes, recording your audio onto a tape and marking and splicing the tape to get the production you wanted.

Production has come a long way since then with the advent of software like Adobe Audition, Pro Tools and more. I’ve learned my craft in Adobe Audition working from version 1.5 to the current day utilising both native Audition effects and third party plugins to produce radio imaging and sweepers, DJ drops, Podcasts and even remix tunes.

I run my own Internet Radio station – Atom Radio – for which I produced the imaging as well as the music imagers and advert fillers which play in regions where no advertising is sold.

I’ve also recorded and produced imaging for other internet radio stations and DJ drops too.

Using different elements of Audition and different production techniques I can Podcasts finished to industry loudness standards including noise reduction, echo reduction, making voices sound their best through sibilance removal, adding EQ and compression.

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