Your audio journey – Part 64 – How to record a podcast for easier editing

In today’s part of the Audio Journey I’ve got a top tip for recording a podcast to make your editing easier.

If you’re hosting a podcast with more than one person then you want to have different recordings for each person so you can apply EQ and compression appropriately do each person.

If you’re using an interface such as the Scarlet 2i2 then you can assign mic input 1 and mic input 2 to different tracks in the multitrack. Again if you’re using a multi-track mixer then you can assign different mixer channels to different tracks in the multi-track session.

If you don’t have the ability to assign different tracks when you record your next option is to pan the tracks on your mixer so you’re recording the host on the left channel and the guest on the right channel. That way you can assign them to different tracks in the multi-track to process per person.