Your audio journey – Part 7 – Basic processing of a voiceover

Welcome back to the audio journey and last week we covered recording your first voiceover so it’s logical this week that I move on and show you basic processing of a voiceover.

As you can imagine this is mainly hands on so rather than a long write up it’s best to check out the video.

The essential steps to basic processing of your voiceover:

Before even starting processing do any restoration work needed. Be reasonable in your expectations here. To get the bad example I’ve used in the video I generated a tone and mix pasted into a copy of the voiceover. Genuinely if your voiceover does have that much background noise write it off, address the problem and record again.

Once you’re happy with your audio you apply some EQ, maybe a little compression and then normalise the voiceover.

Important points to remember. If you are going on to produce a finished work then you’re fine to do all this but if you’ve been requested to supply a dry voice over do not over process your voice and allow the final producer the option to process how he would like to use it. If you’ve over-compressed your audio for example the final producer can’t reverse this so use reasonableness when doing basic processing.