Your audio journey – Part 53 – Generate speech

This part of the audio journey focuses on how you can generate speech within Audition.

I appreciate the videos so far have been targetted to voice over artists and podcasters who use their own voices but sometimes you may just want to generate a quick phrase and Audition provides you the opportunity to do that.

The speech generation engine is provided to Audition by the computer operating system. While Audition runs the same on PC and Mac this particular features digs into the operating system so your options available depend on which computer choice you’ve made.

After opening a new audio file, generate speech can be found under the effect menu, select generate and you’ll find speech as your middle option.

There are presets to select from, or you have options you can select based on your operating system.

It’s as simple as selecting the voice you want and typing the text into the box ahead of pressing OK to generate your voice.