Your audio journey – Part 49 – Clip volume v Track volume

Part 49 of the audio journey follows closely from part 48 but this time we look at adjusting the volume in the multitrack.

It may be that you use a side chain compressor to duck volume or you use essential sound to achieve this but in some cases you just want to drop the volume manually.

As with clip and track effects there are two ways to adjust volume on clips in the multitrack. Track volume changes and clip volume changes achieve exactly the same thing in terms of your final mixdown but with one essential difference.

Track effects affect the volume of the track meaning that as long as you set the volume for the track and don’t move the clips you’ll achieve what you want. The minute you move the track the volume automation you created stays where it is.

The better way to achieve this is to use a clip automation which is achieved exactly the same way as a track automation. Using keyframes you can create a “duck” in the volume but doing it inside the clip means if you decide to move that piece of audio within your production the volume automation you’ve created moves with the clip as it’s written to the clip rather than the track.

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