Saturday 17th March 2012 – Slough Jets Programme

Welcome to the Hangar for tonight’s match up against the Swindon Wildcats. The run in continues, the end of the league season is looming every closer and time is moving quickly so every game in the schedule is vital.

What a game at home last Saturday? Flames in town for a local derby and the Hangar probably the fullest it’s been for a long time meant a great night’s entertainment. The Flames fans probably didn’t have the night they were looking for but the Jets fans did themselves and the team proud all through the 60 minutes and everyone from the Slough side left happy with a 5-2 win. I spotted some Bees fans at the game too and I’m sure even as neutrals they’d have enjoyed the entertainment on show.

I read varying opinions on the attendance after the match. Some saying it was excellent, some saying it wasn’t. The fact of the matter is that crowds at Slough have shrunk in recent times but given our recent trends last Saturday was an excellent turn out. There is work going on behind the scenes to try and help increase the crowds so nights like last Saturday are good to see. Let’s hope as the run in continues the trend continues to and we see some impressive attendances cheering the Jets into the play-offs and hopefully on to Coventry.

Elsewhere in ice hockey this week the Flames have made a 3 goal lead from the first leg of the EPL Cup final and will finish that up at the Spectrum on March 28th. Also the Nottingham Panthers won the 2nd leg of the Elite League Challenge Cup final and lifted that trophy. There’s still so many rumours regarding the Elite League and teams that will or won’t comprise it for next season but if any of them are to be believed the EIHL teams believe that the EPL will be a different make up next season.

Inevitably over time teams will come and go in the EPL and as long as it’s for the good of the league and the sport that’s fine. We have a 10 team league, we have home games available every weekend for each team with an even number of teams which makes financial sense and we have a competitive league. There is a top and bottom half but certainly 9 of the 10 teams are competitive on a weekly basis and the 10th team has pulled out some “giant killing” results over the course of the season.

The league may or may not see changes over the summer but let’s hope if teams are admitted into the league they are here for the good of the league and the sport and not just for their own ends.

We’ve seen teams tear down the successful Heineken Structure for from the now failed ISL, let’s hope the EPL can retain it’s core values and continue to grow and develop and keep providing the attractive product that’s on offer.

Enjoy tonight’s match

My team, your team, OUR TEAM