Adobe Audition Tutorial – Creating a simple radio promo

If you present a radio show it’s likely you’ll either be asked to create a promo for your show or you’ll be asking to create a promo for your show.

Radio shares an intimate relationship with listeners, it’s a one on one connection that TV just can’t create. But while radio is easier to listen to than TV is to watch people listen to radio in patterns. If you do a breakfast show and your promo runs at 2.30pm it may well be an afternoon listener doesn’t normally listen to the radio in the morning so will be hearing you for the first time promoting your show and perhaps they’ll like your promo that much that they’ll want to listen in the next time.

For that reason keep your promo short, include your name, the show, the time it’s on, and the bullet points of the show. If you have interesting highlights and they’re short, relevant and captivating then get them in as I have in the video.

One final thing, always give the station name and frequency or web address for FM or internet. Why? Radio is played in public places! How many times have you been in a cafe, a shop or any public place and heard the radio. Somebody might be listening to a radio station they’d never think to listen to while in a public place and hear your promo and think, “I have to listen to that tomorrow”. Now if they’re regular PM listeners to your station they’d just have to switch on at breakfast to hear you but if they listen to another station and heard your promo in a public place if you haven’t given the station details in your promo then that potential new listener won’t know how to listen to you.

Any questions leave a comment below or on the video on Youtube.

Hope this helps.