Your audio journey – Part 70 – When not to EQ

Everyone likes their voiceover read to sound, in their opinion perfect, and there’s nothing wrong with adding a bit of light processing, either via hardware, or software when recording a script but remember someone has to produce that script.

If you’re self producing the script then of course you can EQ as much as you like but if you’re hired to record a script for a producer to take on and create the final production with it’s best not to process your read any more than lightly so as the producer is left the options of how to EQ and compress your voice as well as which post production effects to add.

In this short video I’ll show what happens when you go too far when applying EQ to a script to be passed to someone else to process.

By all means add a little sparkle, remove the bass rumble but leave enough frequencies for the producer to be able to use your read as they intended when hiring you for the voiceover job.