Your audio journey – Part 41 – Correcting voice delivery mistakes

Mistakes are something that we all make. Some more than others and even those who don’t make a lot will find they have days where they do! I’ve recorded bulletins before where I’ve done the whole bulletin in one take and then the next day a 3.30 bulletin is 5 minutes in recording!

The one thing we all need to know is how to edit our mistakes out so they are seemless in the final production. There’s two ways of doing it, the first way would seem the most obvious and that’s to cut the full sentence you’ve messed up and just delete up to the re-delivered sentence. That’s the easy way but often not the best way.

Delivery varies and that’s why the way below I think is the best way. I know there’s been days where I’ve read a script and messed up the same line more than once and inevitably frustration creeps in and your delivery tone and pace may change.

For that reason I’d recommend delivering the entire sentence again and cutting in the middle of the sentence rather than just deleting the incorrect sentence and picking up from the start of your re-take. If you’re reading a script of any kind you’ll get into a flow and that flow is interrupted by mistakes. For that reason I recommend reading the entire sentence again and picking a point to edit in the sentence where you are back in your flow for a more seemless join.