Your audio journey – Part 51 – Stereo Effects

In part 51 we start with a mono file and add stereo effects.

Unless you’re recording ASMR with a dual mic set up or a 3 Dio you’re vocal recording will be mono. It’s likely to appear in a stereo format if you’re using a mixer that will convert the mono input to a two channel output before passing to your DAW. If you’re using an interface just to connect your mic to your DAW then you will have mapped the channel that your mic is connected to as your left and right channels so again you’ll get a stereo looking two channel recording.

You can either just add a stero effect like a chorus or you can get more creative.

Double up the voice in the Audition multi-track and pan 1 copy to the left and 1 to the right. Add a separate effect to the voice on each one and mix it down to get a stereo sound.

Alternatively you can achieve a stereo effect without using a single native effect or plug in. This time you want to quadruple up your original voice and pan tracks in opposing pairs to the left and right. Move each track slightly out of sync backward and forward and you have a wide stereo effect. Be careful to only move the tracks tiny amounts otherwise you’ll end up with an echo rather than a “dry” stereo effect.

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