Why not to watch the 2014 MTV EMAs

mtvIn a curious turn MTV have decided that Nicki Minaj should not only be nominated for 4 awards and perform at the awards but also host the awards

The Anaconda rapper, who has also just been cut from Jessie J’s single Bang Bang with Ariana Grande in the latest remix of the track, has been announced this morning as the host of the 2014 EMA awards to take place in Glasgow.

From a personal point of view I’ve never made a secret of my feelings towards her. I don’t like her look nor her music and I fail to understand why anyone can be so successful rapping utter rubbish in an annoying tone. Some of the most successful rappers of all time have layer down some deep and meaningful lyrics while Nicki Minaj chirps nonsensical rubbish just to try and make things rhyme.

The worry from my point of view is have MTV opened themselves up to the situation that the Brits suffered in 1987 with the ill fated hosted attempts of Mick Fleetwood with Sam Fox.

I’ve always been a great fan of Mick Fleetwood the musician, every interview I’ve seen him do he has always come across well in. As a host paired with Sam Fox however it just didn’t work. The Brits in that year hit an all time low.

Nicki Minaj is a divisional character, you either love or loathe her. I wonder whether the MTV EMA hosting gamble will succeed or fail?

Following the hosting choice I will follow the award ceremony on Twitter rather than watching it on TV