The 2015 Brit Awards

The industry is full of glittering award ceremonies. Think back to just a couple of weeks ago when the Grammies were held and LL Cool J did the hosting. It’s fair to say the Brits have had their fair share of poor hosting, last night’s hosts Ant and Dec even made reference to the ill fated pairing of Mick Fleetwood and Sam Fox but in truth ITV’s “Dynamic Duo” weren’t the best hosts to ever oversee an awards show either!

Reading reviews this morning it seems my opinion isn’t alone there either. Maybe next year the organisers could look to contract somebody from within the industry, perhaps someone from radio or music television who not only knows how to present but also knows the subject!

The evening also wasn’t without further dints to the polished finish the organisers would have been looking for. The awkward pairing of Ellie Goulding and Lewis Hamilton who presented the Best International Award were nothing in comparison to the pairing of Jimmy Carr and Karlie Kloss. Jimmy’s jokes failed to get a response from the audience and clearly left his co-presenter embarrassed. Once again the comedian courted controversy as he made reference the drugs in Madonna’s dressing room but believed he excused himself by claiming “Don’t worry, it’s all HRT”

There were some great performances but the curious choice of the night has to be Kanye West. ITV did their very best to ruin the performance in censoring. I’ve read from people at the awards that it was a great performance but the ITV “bleep” man was working overtime to feed us background chatting noises over most of the performance. I know Kanye was a late replacement for Rihanna but you know what you’ll get with Mr West so if you’re organising a live televised event and you don’t want what you know you’ll get why book that artist? In his defence I’ve seen Kanye perform live at Wireless and he gave a good hour’s set in his headline roll then. I’m sure the poorness of last night’s performance was created in the translation between live at the venue and in the front room on TV via ITV!

Lowlight of the night
Irrespective of the success of British artists Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith the event will without doubt be remembered for Madonna’s fall from grace. It had been 20 years since Madonna had last performed at the Brits and she was to perform her new single “Living for Love”, the single which hasn’t received glowing reviews from critics! She was to close the show!

She came out in a long flowing cape, carried by her backing dancers. As she climbed the stairs to her performance area she could be seen fumbling with the fastening of the cape. In what was obviously a rehearsed move the cape was pulled, by this time she was obviously meant to have released the fastenings so the cape could be pulled free! Disaster, the cape is still fastened and rather than a stunning reveal of her costume as she takes centre stage to perform the whole world gets to see Madonna hauled down by whoever was supposed to pull the cape off!

In credit to her she did get up and return to finish the performance as a consummate professional.

Highlight of the night
Ed Sheeran took to the stage to give a performance of his new single Bloodstream. I’ve seen Ed Sheeran live before in an unscheduled supporting role at an Example concert and he was impressive. Last night he commanded a packed O2 with a high quality performance of his latest song, the intensity was phenomenal, the vocals were perfect. No special effects were needed, no crew, no backing dancers, just a performer and his guitar to capture a packed O2 arena and to make everyone watching on TV fixated to their TV set.

The Winners

British Male Solo
Ed Sheeran

British Female Solo
Paloma Faith

British Group
Royal Blood

Best British Album
Ed Sheeran – X

British Breakthrough
Sam Smith

Best British Single with Capital
Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars – ‘Uptown Funk’

British Video Of The Year
One Direction – ‘You And I’

International Group
Foo Fighters

International Female
Taylor Swift

International Male
Pharrell Williams

Critics Choice
James Bay