Special Offer for Podcasters

Does your podcast stand out in it’s niche? Have you got amazing content you want to share? Do you want your podcast to sound professional? If so I can help! As an experienced audio producer I can make your podcast stand out in a busy market by professionally producing your podcast.

Production will include noise reduction, EQ, compression, basic editing to remove stumbles and filler words (more advanced editing also available), and mastering to podcast loudness standard.

I can also produce podcast branding giving you a bespoke intro, outro and midroll branding too.

Now for the special offer!! You’ve got the content, you’ve had it produced and you’ve published it so let me help you out with promoting it.

I’m pleased to announce that Atom Radio, a leading digital radio station, is offering free advertising to podcasters. As part of our joint commitment to supporting and promoting independent content creators, Atom Radio can offering my podcast production clients the opportunity to reach a wider audience by advertising their shows on its broadcast stream at no cost.

With the rise of podcasting as a popular medium for entertainment and information, we recognise the need to support and promote the work of independent podcasters. As such, I, together with Atom Radio, are offering free advertising to podcasters to help them gain exposure and reach a larger audience.

To take advantage of this free advertising opportunity, podcasters can simply get in touch by email to podcasts@markdenholm.com. Atom Radio will promote your podcast by playing your podcast trailer (no more than 30 seconds, MP3 and at least 128kbps). Please note, to take advantage of this offer, podcasts must be suitable for all ages and no adult-only oriented podcasts will be accepted for free promotion although these can still be produced.

About Mark Denholm:

Mark is an experienced audio producer who has produced podcasts for clients and offered services on a subcontracted basis producing podcasts for audio companies.

Email: podcasts@markdenholm.com
Website: https://markdenholm.com/podcasting/

About Atom Radio:

Atom Radio is a leading digital radio station, based in Slough, that plays a variety of rock and pop music from the 70s to today.

Email: info@atomradio.co.uk
Website: www.atomradio.co.uk