Saturday 1st & Wednesday 5th December – Slough Jets Programme

Good evening and welcome to one or both of the two games this programme covers, against either the Steeldogs or the Lightning. I hope both sets of travelling fans have had safe journeys and of course the home fans have too.

We’ve reached December and we’ve seen some good action so far this season. We’ve had some good games and some tougher results and at the time of writing Slava is still busy at work trying to find a replacement for Josh Bruce but as he said last week finding a quality Brit player who is available mid season is tough. We are sitting in mid table so far and there’s more still to come from the Jets so the prospects are looking good.

We’ve got some special events coming up in December and some promotions as well so I hope it will be having a positive effect on the attendance. We’re a tight knit community as Jets fans but hopefully we’ll have some extra people to welcome into the community over the next few weeks. Last week and this week we had the exclusive Observer offers, we’ve done some leafleting and we still have other things either happening or in the planning right now. Times are tough but we are actively trying to grow and enhance the supporter numbers so if you have anywhere you can display posters please let us know and we can provide them for you or if you can bring a friend with you and introduce them to the game that would also be a great help.

Tonight (as in Saturday) we have the chance to skate with the Jets, it’s my first Saturday night DJing after a game for a very long time as well so I hope a lot of you take advantage and enjoy the night. On the 15th December the Jets will be wearing special Christmas jerseys which will be available for auction after the game. These jerseys will be worn just the once before they are auctioned and we picked the 15th December game as it gives everyone a chance to take part in the bidding in time to send the jerseys if they win as presents.

Last weekend MK Lightning caught up with Andre Payette after the game for an interview on Lightning TV to talk about both his Steeldogs and GB Under 20s coaching. It was a great interview and a great insight by Andre into the troubles he faces as the coach of a small budget team utilising his local resources and the hopes he has for his young GB charges too. If you haven’t watched it yet check out Lightning TV.

On Wednesday night we play the Milton Keynes Lightning in a midweek league clash. It’s an 8pm face-off and that leaves plenty of time for people to finish work, have some dinner and get down to the Hangar to watch.

Richard will be in his normal place on Saturday doing the paper and electronic gamesheet but won’t be with us Wednesday. Helen will be taking over on Wednesday but I’d like to take this opportunity to wish Richard a happy birthday for Tuesday.

Enjoy the games.

My team, your team, OUR TEAM.