October 15th – Slough Jets Programme

Welcome back to the Hangar on the more normal home game day and a big welcome to the travelling Sheffield fans down for tonight’s match up between our two teams.

Sheffield have enjoyed a great start to the season and come into this weekend sitting in second place in the table. It’s great to see from an overall league point of view the strengthening of the teams and much has been made so far this season of the fact that so early in and we don’t have a team unbeaten. It seems every team is capable of beating every team this year and while you could predict in previous seasons which teams were likely to miss the play-offs I think this year that prediction is just not as easy to make.

This season has been a tough start. We’ve won some hard games and we’ve played some good games and not won. Last Sunday against the Lightning I really thought we were going to come back and level up that game. We dominated the last 15 minutes of the game, we were the team with momentum but the empty net situation as it often is was the killer blow.

Tonight we’ll face another tough task. In the past Sheffield at the Hangar may have been a game you’d count on two points from but tonight I don’t think any points can be banked until the game is completed.

The louder we can all be through the game will of course be a great help to the team. Last weekend MK supporters were chanting all through the game and made great use of the drums they had with them as well. The way the away supporters are located right behind the away bench means the players on the bench get spurred on in between shifts where the home fans need to be that little bit louder as the majority are hidden behind the glass on the opposite side of the rink to the Jets fans. Don’t forget that we have the spare drum on the stage, available to any home fan to use through the game to help generate a great positive atmosphere.

Next weekend we have a big local derby game against the Guildford Flames so it will make a great night’s entertainment for any newbies. If you know anyone who may be interested in coming down and joining us for a first visit then suggest for them to make next Saturday the day. Games against the Flames we all know are always good games and with it being a local derby hopefully it’ll be a good size crowd too.

Enjoy tonight’s game

My team, your team, OUR TEAM