Your audio journey – Part 57 – How to create a round of applause

In this part of the Audio Journey we look at how to create a round of applause just on your own.

To start you need to record a few claps yourself in different styles and then it’s a case of fettling with them in the multi-track.

First chop the recording into each separate clap you’ve done and then line them up in the multitrack so you have four different claps. Adjust by ear so they’re sounding like a round of applause then pan each track different amounts to the left and right.

Once you’ve done this you can then bounce down your clips to a new track, copy that and slightly move the two so they’re not perfectly aligned. Apply a track pan left and right on each track and then mix down for your round of applause.

Once you have your bouncedown you can copy it as many times as you want with differing pans and positions each time to generate a more convincing round of applause.